Price negotiation from the customer's perspective

When visiting your online shop, some customers can find that the prices are too high, but they nevertheless are convinced of the quality of your brand and therefore would like to negotiate the price. At the start of the negotiation process, they can provide you with a link to the competitor's offer where the prices are cheaper. The button for price negotiation is located below the shopping cart button on the article detail page. The customer must be logged in to start the price negotiation. Otherwise it would not be possible to show a history of the price negotiation.

Customers who are not logged in will see a corresponding notification when trying to start a price negotiation:

Logged in customers can start the negotiation by clicking the "Price Negotiation" button.

Customers have access to the price negotiation history via the customer account.

After sending the offer, the customer receives a notification to his email address. He can then accept the offer from the account or negotiate further. Let's try to fight for a better price:

If the shop admin accepts the offer, the customer can go to the product and purchase it at the negotiated price.

If the negotiation has failed, the customer also receives a corresponding notification and receives the message by email: