Basic configuration

After installing the plugin, your customers can negotiate the price of each product. In the settings of the plugin there is, however, the option with which we can define for which articles the price negotiation functionality should be available. If this option is not set, it is available for all products. With the option, we can introduce a restriction so that price negotiation is only offered for certain products. To make the choice of articles easier, we decided that our module will be based on the dynamic product groups. You can read more about the groups here: Shopware Documentation.

In this part of the guide we explain 2 topics. First we'll create a dynamic product group, the prices of which exceed € 10 and then we assign it to our plugin.

To create a dynamic product group, select "Catalogs" and then "Dynamic product groups" in the menu.

Then use the "Create product group" button to create a new group, assign a name e.g. "Price negotiation" and set the rule "Price greater than 10".

Go back to the plugin area by selecting the following options in the menu: Settings -> System -> Plugins

Find our plugin in the list and go to the configuration area:

Select the newly created product group from the list, save the settings and everything is ready! You can start the price negotiations!