Specific order numbers

If you are just starting your adventure with PayU and your account hasn't been used on another platform yet, you can skip this step entirely.

When the order data is sent to PayU, the order number is also transmitted. These numbers must be specific to the respective account. Therefore, if you have already managed an online store on another platform and now want to migrate it to Shopware 6, but haven't imported the old data yet, there may be a conflict.

Shopware will number the orders from 10,000 to infinity. If an order with such a number has already occurred in the previous eCommerce system and has been sent to PayU, sending the order with the same number again will result in an error message.

Shopware 6 offers us here several options to solve the issue (apart from the obvious way, to entrust Crehler with the task of migrating from the previous platform).

As the first step, we'll go to the order numbers settings. From the backend main menu select the following options: Settings -> System -> Number ranges. Find the order numbers in the list and go to their settings.

There we get 3 options:

We can set the starting number based on the last order number from the previous system. Let's assume that your online store had 5748 orders on the previous platform and the last number was 5748. Therefore, we can set that the first order for Shopware will have the number 5749.

We can also create a prefix for your order numbers, e.g. "SW" for Shopware:

or a suffix such as "CR" for Crehler: