Payment method configuration

The initial configuration of the module has already been completed. Now we can go to the payment method configuration. To change the settings, select the following options in the backend menu: Settings -> Shop -> Payment.

As you can see, the PayU payment method is already visible in the list and is activated. Go to the settings:

We have a few options to set here. We can define the name of the payment method, which will also be visible in the frontend. By default, we have simply named the payment method "PayU" to make it easier for you to identify it in the settings. However, the name can be a bit confusing for your customers, so we simply switch the name to "Online Payment". We then use the description to inform the customer that this payment method supports bank transfers, credit cards and BLIK payments. We also define the logo:

PayU only supports payments done using the Polish currency (zloty). Therefore, when the plugin was installed, a corresponding rule was automatically created and assigned to this payment method. Your customers who have selected a different currency will not see PayU on the list of available payment methods. We'll not pay any further attention to this rule. You just need to know, that the rule is mandatory and can be edited here:

You can use the rule to add additional conditions. If you e.g. would like the payment method to be available only for orders with a value of less than one million zlotys, the rule can be used to do so. However, please remember that the rule for the currency must remain unchanged.