Plugin Configuration

Adding the access data

In order to communicate with the PayU interface, you must first add the required access data for the API in the plugin's settings. You should receive this data directly from PayU.

Go to the plugin's configuration area in the backend by selecting the following options from the menu: Settings -> System -> Plugins.

Then go to the PayU settings and add the required data. Please note! As an example, we will only configure the sandbox data, when using the plugin in your online store you must also fill in the data for the Live configuration and ensure that the field Switch on sandbox NO is checked.

Defining the description for the orders

Please note that you can also configure 2 options here. Your order with PayU includes a name and description, which help your customers to better identify the e-mails from the payment provider. Let's say that you offer carrots in your online store. Let's define an appropriate description for it:

Testing the settings

Lastly, we'll test the access data for the PayU API, which we have just entered:

As you can see, it runs flawlessly! We can now proceed to the next stage of the configuration process.