The configuration area for our module can be found in the backend under "Settings" -> "System" -> "Plugins".

Subsequently select "Editable Meta Robots from Crehler" from the list of available plugins and go to the configuration area.

We have 3 options here. First we'll check what the robots tag looks like in our online store and then we'll replace it with one of the preset values.

As you can see, nothing has changed :) This result can be attributed to the fact that Shopware 6 doesn't have a module for clearing the cache yet. So let's try to clear the cache files via CLI.

After clearing the cache files, our changes in the code are made visible. Now let's check the next option "tag revisit-after". This function informs the search engine crawlers, after how many days they should visit the page again. We set the option for 30 days, clear the cache files and check whether our HTML file has been modified accordingly.

We're now left with the last option. This allows us to manually define the value for the robots tag. Although our list of predefined values already contains all most common options, we are convinced that the option of manually entering the values will be useful for you. After all modifications, remember to always clear the cache files.

Please note that the functionality of the plugin can be restricted to a specific sales channel at any time using the standard Shopware options.