Configuration of display in the product listing

At CREHLER we have the rule that every configuration has its place. Although we admire our colleagues from other agencies who place the settings for each plugin in an enormous form in the Plugin Manager, we'd like to suggest a more sensible solution for the configuration. Therefore, you'll find the full configuration for our plugin in the "Properties" area, since our module relates directly to the display modification of the properties.

Log in to the backend of your online store and select Catalogs -> Properties from the main menu.

Subsequently, go to the editing area for the selected property (TODO).

As you can see, we have 2 new areas here: "Erweiterte Anzeige der Varianten auf der Artikelseite - Konfiguration" and "Erweiterte Anzeige der Varianten im Listing - Konfiguration", both of which relate to our module "Advanced Variants". First, let's take a closer look at the 2nd area.

First, let's check what the product listing in our online store currently looks like. Then we enable the display of the available variants and set the size of the buttons. At the end we save all the changes and evaluate the results.

Let's now assume that our product has several color options, say for example 22.

As you can see, the way it's displayed isn't optimal given the number of variants. Fortunately, we anticipated that. We only have to go back to the property settings and activate the option "Collapse the content of the group if the display of the available variants goes beyond a line". Let's try it now and see what happens:

You don't want to have squares in the product listing? We can convert them into circles at any time:

Of course, our plugin is not limited to just one property. Let's try to set up another one.