Assigning the Articles

To assign the accessory articles to the main product, we have to go to the product details in the backend of Shopware 6. To do this, we select Kataloge -> Produkte from the main menu on the left.

Then we select the specific main article to which we want to assign the accessory items. In order to set this up, we find the area Additional Articles

As you can see, we have 2 options for assigning the accessory items. We either use the dynamic product groups:

or define the additional articles directly:

You can read more about the dynamic product groups in the official Shopware guide.. If we mark both the product groups and individual articles, the result we get on the article detail page of the main article is a combination of both options.

To delete the marking, use the backspace key:

This is a standard behavior for the select lists in the backend for the Shopware 6 system :)